Women Rights Gets Watched in Syria

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World have to take action about this activists if they dont then many Muslim families die with out doing any thing wrong and no country allows a punishment with judgment of court in Syria every thing law is abides and soldiers are beating every one with out any thing doing wrong .

This is very dangerous for any country because this could start in any country we have to stop it other wise world will see threat of like this happening in Syria and with Muslim families today social media is very strong path of to tell any thing to the world and some rebel soldier made this movie to for the people of Syria for fear who can go with them they will also see like this.this is very bad if they doing all time we have to stop them and make world know that is is going every where and some thing will be very bad happen.

we are living in this modern world and what is happening in Syria we have notice them and stop them other wise they will kill all families and make country bad for every one .They have to some respect and make sure that no women and child will harm from these soldiers .

Video Link :http://wp.me/p85bQZ-pf

This video is in social media to see world how they are bad and we have to make it world wide showed to see whats happening in Syria we have to take serious action against them other wise we will see with our families also and no one also say any thing against it then no one can stop it ..