Last Moments of Libya President Gets Leaked

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Rebels have made this video you can see that rebels are beating Qaddafi very badly and making video with out any hesitation and also forces are standing out side of that part and rebels are beating Qaddafi till he died at that time.

opposition made a very big carnival to destroyed the Qaddafi govt which was ruling since 40 years and no democracy was implementing because of Qaddafi bad governess and and stick rules for peoples of Libya where they were shuttled off and with out any hesitation they only say yes sir and no sir from there peoples stands against Qaddafi and american and NATO forces helped them and Qaddafi great empire shuttled down forever.

people are very happy by captured of Qaddafi and they are beating him very badly didn’t thing that he have to go to jail or in court or any where else where he can get punishment for what he did since last 40 years in Libya with Libyan peoples they dont want any thing but only to kill Qaddafi for final punishment for it so no one else can rules like Qaddafi and dont destroy democracy for ever.

With mounting difficulties and its own disjointedness on display, American remote strategy is drawing genuine questions from basically every quarter. What this uncovers about its stature on the planet is an open question that numerous political experts are inquiring. Is franticness driving the remote arrangement of the Assembled States, or is its new spasm of aggressiveness only an instance of the old colonialism raising its set out toward one more round of world success? Is the glass half full or half vacant?

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Last May, President Obama guaranteed a graduating class of West Point cadets, “We have been through a long period of war.” There were, he admitted, good and national security motivating forces to mediate in outrageous conditions. “At the point when a tropical storm hits the Philippines or young ladies are seized in Nigeria, or veiled men involve a working in Ukraine – it is America that the world looks to for offer assistance. The Unified States is the one key country.